Location: St Joseph’s Community Centre, Shantalla (see map at bottom of page).

Times: Mondays 7.30–9pm, Thursdays 8.30–10pm. Both classes are in the rear dojo.

Cost: €40 for six classes or €10 per class. (For regular members, there is also an insurance cost of €25 per year.)

Minimum age: 16+

Please note that the centre is closed on public holidays. If you are a new visitor, please text/WhatsApp 086 352 2142 in advance to confirm that a class is going ahead.

Beginners’ courses

We regularly run six-week beginners’ courses, during the Monday classes 7.30–9pm. Our next beginners’ courses are scheduled for:

  • Monday 4 March 2024
  • Monday 13 May 2024

These courses introduce you to fundamentals of aikido, including stretching, rolling, falling safely, basic throwing and pinning, and traditional dojo etiquette.

The cost is €40 for six classes.

What to wear: loose comfortable clothes, suitable for general exercise. Tracksuit pants and long-sleeved tops ideal. For safety, please remove any jewellery.

Beginners are also welcome to attend our Thursday classes.

For information about our next beginners’ course, please e-mail or text/WhatsApp 086 352 2142.

You can also start aikido outside of a scheduled beginners’ course. Please contact us for advice.

Above: Aikido class at the Hombu (headquarters) Dojo, Tokyo