Location: St Joseph’s Community Centre, Shantalla (see map).

Times: Mondays 7.30–9pm (front hall), Thursdays 8.30–10pm (rear dojo).

Cost: €40 for six classes or €10 per class. (There is also an insurance cost of €10 per year.)

Age: 16+

If you are a new visitor, please text 086 352 2142 in advance to confirm that a class is going ahead.

Beginners’ courses

We regularly run six-week beginners’ courses, during the Monday classes 7.30–9pm.

These courses introduce you to fundamentals of aikido, including stretching, rolling, falling safely, basic throwing and pinning, and traditional dojo etiquette.

The cost is €40 for six classes. (Beginners are also welcome to attend our Thursday classes.)

What to wear: loose comfortable clothes, suitable for general exercise. Tracksuit pants and long-sleeved tops ideal. For safety, please remove any jewellery.

For information about our next beginners’ course, please e-mail or text 086 352 2142.

COVID-19 policy (updated 23 Jan 2022)

  • Anyone who is feeling unwell (e.g. high temperature, sore throat, cough, headache, sneezing, runny nose) must not attend training.
  • In the entrance and hallways of the community centre, facemasks must be worn and social distancing observed. (Facemasks need not be worn during training.)
  • Showers are currently not available.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available and you should use it regularly.
Above: Aikido class at the Hombu (headquarters) Dojo, Tokyo