Two-minute aikido documentary by Anita Köhler, Mannheim [watch on Vimeo]

Aikido is a dynamic Japanese martial art focused on self-defence. Aikido techniques blend with the movement of an attack in order take away the aggressor’s balance, allowing them to be controlled without relying on brute force or violence. Regular and committed practice builds physical and mental resilience, confidence, fitness and flexibility, and gives an insight into traditional Japanese culture. Read more…

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Next beginners’ course

We will return a new six-week course aimed at complete beginners in aikido in mid-January 2015. Details will be confirmed shortly. (To register your e-mail, send an e-mail to info@atlanticaikido.com.)

Beginners are also welcome to join any of the regular classes at any stage. E-mail, phone or text (086 352 2142) if you’re planning to come down.

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