Atlantic Aikido, Galway

Aikido is a dynamic Japanese martial art focused on self-defence and self-development. Its techniques involve throwing or restraining an attacker using co-ordinated body movement. Aikido training develops body awareness, fitness and flexibility, timing and sensitivity, and physical and mental resilience. On a deeper level, the art is an exploration of personal interaction, the psychology of conflict, and traditional Japanese culture.


In line with government health advice, we suspended training on 12 March 2020. Since phase 1 of the Roadmap for Re-opening began on 8 June, we have meeting outdoors for socially distanced weapons practice.

Now that contact sports are expected to resume on 29 June, we hope to return to indoor training during the summer, depending on whether our Community Centre will be open.

If you would be interesting in attending a beginners’ course in aikido at some point in the future, please contact and we will inform you once the next course has been scheduled.

Video: Reflections on aikido from Seishiro Endo. Demonstrations from Endo sensei, Christian Tissier, Ulrike Serak and Max Eriksson Ohlwein.