Two-minute aikido documentary by Anita Köhler, Mannheim [watch on Vimeo]

Aikido is a dynamic Japanese martial art that promotes self-awareness and non-violence. Its techniques are focused on unbalancing and controlling an aggressor by blending with the movement of an attack, allowing the attacker to be destabalised without using brute force. Regular practice builds physical and mental resilience and instils calm and self-control. Aikido builds confidence, fitness and flexibility, and gives an insight into traditional Japanese culture.

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Six-week beginners’ course starts Monday 8 September 2014

Atlantic Aikido will run a six-week beginners’ course on Mondays from 7.30 to 9pm, starting on Monday 8 September 2014 in St Joseph’s Community Centre, Ashe Road, Shantalla. Classes are open to adults aged 16 and over. The cost is €50 for six weeks (includes €10 for annual insurance). Contact info@atlanticaikido.com or 086 352 2142 for more details and to register.

See also our Classes page and Advice for beginners.

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