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Aikido is a Japanese martial art that emphasises non-violent self-defence and self-development.

Aikido techniques involve blending with the movement of an attack in order to take control of the attacker’s balance and then either restrain or throw him/her. These techniques do not use brute strength, but instead rely on co-ordinated movement, sensitivity and timing.

Regular training teaches you to overcome fear and aggression, and promotes a calm, focused and centred frame of mind. Aikido builds confidence, fitness and flexibility, and gives an insight into traditional Japanese culture.

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Six-week beginners’ course starts Monday 12 May

Atlantic Aikido will run a six-week beginners’ course on Mondays from 7.30 to 9pm, starting on Monday 12 May in St Joseph’s Community Centre, Ashe Road, Shantalla. Classes are open to adults aged 16 and over. The cost is €48 for six weeks (includes €8 for annual insurance). Contact info@atlanticaikido.com or 086 352 2142 for more details and to register.

See also our Classes page and Advice for beginners.

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