All levels:
Mondays 7.30–9pm
Thursdays 8.30–10pm

Classes for ages 16 and over.

Fees: €8 per class or €40 to cover any six classes. (Insurance: €10 per year.)

Occasionally classes need to be cancelled for various reasons. If you’re not a regular member, please contact 086 352 2142 in advance to confirm that a class is going ahead.


St Joseph’s Community Centre, Ashe Road, Shantalla, Galway

Directly behind University Hospital Galway. Parking on-site. Walking: 10 minutes from NUI Galway, 15–20 minutes from Eyre Square.

Map showing route from Galway Cathedral:

Starting aikido

Option 1: Six-week beginners’ course

Our beginners’ course over six sessions will introduce you to all the basics of aikido, including stretching, rolling, falling safely, basic throwing and pinning techniques, and dojo etiquette. The six-week course should satisfy your curiosity and help you decide whether aikido is for you.

Our next beginners’ course starts on Monday 21 January 2019 (7.30–9pm).

The cost is €40 for six classes.

You can wear any clothing that’s comfortable for exercise—a tracksuit pants and sweatshirt are probably ideal.

For more information e-mail or contact 086 352 2142.

Option 2: Join a regular class

Beginners are welcome at any of the regular classes. Please contact or 086 352 2142 before you come down.

Advice for beginners

Aikido is a physical discipline

You can expect to work your body, to stretch and to sweat. We encourage everyone to work at their own pace, and safety is always a priority. That said, if you’ve taken no exercise for a long time, you may be a bit stiff and sore afterwards, in the beginning at least!

Aikido involves contact

The purpose of aikido is to learn how to interact with other people. Most of the practice therefore involves partner work. You can expect to be grabbed and held firmly, and after a while to be attacked in various other ways. Your partner may be bigger and stronger than you, and you’ll find it difficult at times to apply your techniques effectively. This is part of the learning process.

Aikido requires commitment

There are no short-cuts. As with any skill, progress takes time and commitment. You will probably not notice any improvement from week to week, but with perseverance your skills will develop. Think of it like learning to ride a bike. If you give up after a few tries, you’ll have gained nothing.

Aikido is philosophy in action

Aikido has a rich ethical and philosophical dimension, but physical experience comes first. In fact, we say very little about the philosophy of aikido during practice. You will come to understand it for yourself through direct experience.