Training under COVID-19

Ireland is at Level 5 of the national COVID-19 framework. No indoor or outdoor training is currently permitted.

At levels 3 and 4, outdoor training may be possible. This will involve socially distanced weapons training only and will obviously be weather dependent.

At levels 1 and 2, we may have the possibility of indoor training again. Indoor training will initially comprise socially distanced weapons training. We hope to include some solo conditioning exercises on mats and eventually limited contact exercises, depending on the local extent of the disease.

We hope to accommodate beginners again before long. To be updated about new beginners’ courses, please supply your details here.

Club COVID-19 policy and declaration form

Please download and read carefully:
Atlantic Aikido COVID-19 Policy (last updated 10 Sep 2020)

All returning and new members will be required to fill out the following form before starting training. No one will be allowed to train without filling in the form.
Atlantic Aikido COVID-19 declaration form