Philippe Gouttard in Galway, 19 October 2014

Atlantic Aikido is delighted to welcome Philippe Gouttard (6th dan) to give a special one-day course in Galway on Sunday 19 October 2014.

Philippe is one of France’s senior instructors, with over 40 years’ experience. He has trained with Christian Tissier since 1978, and followed closely several Japanese teachers, in particular Seigo Yamaguchi shihan. Philippe has travelled to Japan annually for most of the past 20 years, where he very impressively trains in every single class! He teaches regularly in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, the Czech Republic and elsewhere. He is also a qualified osteopath.

Philippe’s aikido is very soft but extremely powerful. His training method challenges you to overcome physical limitations, to release tension and move naturally, to stay very closely connected to your partner, to move intuitively and spontaneously, to find freedom within the form of a technique.

This special visit to Galway is part of a weekend of training co-organised with Dublin Aikikai.